Virtual Courses

Cost £50 per person.

Introduction to Coaching - 2.5 hours - 22nd April (AM)

This interactive online workshop will provide an introduction to the principles of coaching within an organisation and the benefits of developing a coaching culture. Exploring the skills and qualities required for effective coaching, learners will develop understanding of best practice and be introduced to some of the models and tools used by coaches to help their clients unlock their potential, overcome barriers, and make positive changes for the future.

Train the Trainer – 2.5 hours - 23rd April (AM)

This interactive Train the trainer session will explore the skills and knowledge required to design, deliver and assess training to meet the needs of the business. The session will be highly reflective and will provide you with the opportunity to challenge and reflect on your existing knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a trainer.  To understand the role training plays in an organisation and identify practical tools and approaches to deliver a motivational session within the classroom and virtually.  We will explore the different ways colleagues learn and effectively evaluate the validity of your training sessions. 

Managing people through change – 2.5 hours - 24 April 2024

Starting with the premise “it's okay not to be okay with change” this session will explore the psychological impact of change on people. We will explore some of the reactions and behaviours that you might see or feel yourself and from others. We will then look at tips and techniques that can be used to support your people through this difficult period.
Failure to take account of the psychological impact of change when planning and implementing change can cause negative behaviour making the process more difficult than it needs to be.

Excel for Beginners -2.5 hours - 1st May (AM)

This session is planned to introduce foundation level knowledge and develop a range of basic skills in using Excel to record and process data. No previous knowledge is assumed, so this course is suitable for anyone with limited or no previous knowledge of Excel. It Is hoped that in addition to learning new skills, anyone attending this course will also leave with increased confidence to use and explore Excel.

Menopause for Managers - 2.5 hours - 2nd May (AM)

Do you understand what menopause is and recognise the impact it can have on the workplace? This interactive workshop will provide learners with an understanding of some of the symptoms their staff may experience and consider how they can support them, to alleviate the challenges they may face at work. Exploring some of the legal and ethical considerations for supporting employees, learners will explore practical strategies to create a supportive workplace culture that promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Being an Effective Leader – 2.5 hours - 9 May 2024

This interactive session will explore the nature of leadership and leadership styles. Drawing from content developed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, this session will explore how to lead and motivate others and to improve their performance as a leader / manager

Areas such as Leadership styles, Emotional intelligence, Employee Motivation, Delegation and Empowerment will all be explored, and delegates will be encouraged to complete an action plan for their own professional development and to encourage transferable skills to be put into practice.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers – 2.5 Hours - 14th May (AM)

This session is planned to provide an overview of Financial Reporting. Basic financial statements will be explored together with a brief introduction to the underpinning concept of double entry bookkeeping. This will set the context for the remainder of the session and accounting terminology will be highlighted where relevant.
The remainder of the session will explore Budgeting, including clarification of Capital and Revenue expenditure. Included within this section is an exploration of cost type and behaviour, which underpins the budgeting process.

Resilience - 2.5 hours - 21st May (AM)

Resilience enables you to face adversities, overcome barriers and thrive in the face of challenge. This workshop will develop your understanding of what makes a person resilient and explores the strategies you can put in place to become more resilient in work and life. It will look at the benefits of having a resilient workforce and explore some of the ways an employer can support their teams to be more resilient. Learners will complete a resilience action plan to make positive changes to build their resilience moving forward. 

Introduction to Performance Management – 2.5 hours - 23rd May (AM)

This virtual session aims to support your performance management practice with your team and the individuals within the team.  The course will help managers and team leaders to share their experience of performance management and recognise their role and contribution to effectively manage performance.  We will explore tools to objectively measure individual performance, techniques to enhance the performance of individuals and strategies to assess different levels of performance.  We will review how to use questions to help employees review their own performance and set clear expectations for dealing with under-performing team members. 

How to Delegate effectively – 2.5 hours - 30 May 2024

This session will explore how to use your team effectively through delegation and empowerment. We will look at how delegation can help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively.
We will look at how and what to delegate, the barriers to delegation and how it can be used to motivate, empower and develop your team, making best use of your people resource.

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