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Cardiff and Vale College has partnered with Dow to launch a new apprenticeship scheme designed to provide students with practical hands-on knowledge for their futures. The three year programme, which accepts ten Chemical Operator Apprentices each year, is structured so that apprentices study full-time at the College during their first year, and then spend four days a week on-site at their employer, Dow in their second and third years. The enhanced programme will provide the apprentices with a blended theoretical and practical skillset for their future careers.

Dow is a Fortune 50 global multinational, operating in over 180 countries and employing nearly 50,000 people across the globe. Founded in 1897 in Michigan, USA, Dow has been operating in the UK since the 1950s. Today, it combines the power of science and technology to bring innovative solutions to a variety of industries, including packaging, consumer care, and infrastructure. With opportunities for Chemical Operators, Dow’s apprenticeship scheme is a unique opportunity to learn whilst working in a paid role as part of a fully accredited Apprenticeship programme recognised by City & Guilds and PAA/VQSET, and endorsed by Cogent, the sector body for Chemical Manufacturing.

Alex Laurie, Hub Learning Leader at Dow, said: “This apprenticeship scheme offers students new paths of entry into a career in material sciences by teaching them the necessary requisite skills. It also ensures that we are growing our talent pool to sustain our business in the long term within the community. Working with Cardiff & Vale College, apprentices will have the skills and knowledge they need for their development while creating a motivated and engaged workforce.”

Already, the apprentices are achieving fantastic results within their programme, which is the first programme Dow has run with a local college. Their response to the programme has been exceptionally positive:

“It’s motivating and refreshing to be part of the new wave of operators.” Ben Creswell, Chemical Operator Apprentice, Dow

“The ability to learn on and off the job with the support of an amazing team and with a world-renowned company is fantastic.” Tristan Jeans, Chemical Operator Apprentice, Dow

“It’s a great opportunity which I’m really enjoying. Feeling a part of something special; an awesome course supported by an awesome company and supported by brilliant people in college and on site.” Liam Angel, Chemical Operator Apprentice, Dow

"Cardiff and Vale College are delighted to be working with Dow on this innovative apprenticeship scheme. Not only do these apprenticeships provide unique opportunities for individuals to build their future careers, but it also demonstrates the successful way in which the private and education sectors can work together to enhance the skills and development of the workforce" Mary Kent, Vice Principal, Cardiff and Vale College.

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